Untu’s Call for Competency in Strategic Positions Amid Transnet Leadership Change

The United National Transport Union (Untu) has recently urged the government to prioritize the appointment of competent candidates to key strategic positions within the nation. This plea comes in the wake of the resignation of Transnet Freight Rail CEO, Siza Mzimela, which adds to the existing concerns about the parastatal’s ongoing underperformance. Untu’s spokesperson, Atenkosi Plaatjie, emphasized the need to seize this opportunity and appoint a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the rail industry. Plaatjie also underlined the significance of breaking the cycle of political appointments and cadre deployment within the Transnet board.


  1. Transnet’s Ongoing Underperformance: Transnet, as a state-owned enterprise, plays a vital role in South Africa’s transportation and logistics sector. However, recent years have seen a decline in its performance, raising questions about its leadership. The departure of CEO Siza Mzimela further accentuates this issue.
  2. The Call for Competency: Untu, representing the interests of transport workers, has voiced its concern over the leadership vacuum created by Mzimela’s resignation. Atenkosi Plaatjie, speaking on behalf of Untu, emphasizes the need for a competent and experienced individual to step into this role. This demand is rooted in the belief that a capable leader can steer Transnet towards improved efficiency and sustainability.
  3. Avoiding Political Appointments: One of the key concerns highlighted by Untu is the tendency for political appointments and cadre deployment in state-owned enterprises. Such appointments, driven by political considerations rather than professional merit, have often led to inefficiencies and mismanagement. Plaatjie’s statement underscores the importance of breaking free from this pattern and ensuring that the best interests of Transnet and the nation prevail in the selection of its leadership.
  4. Industry-Specific Expertise: The rail industry is highly specialized, with its unique challenges and complexities. Untu believes that the ideal candidate for the Transnet Freight Rail CEO position should possess a deep understanding of this industry. This includes knowledge of logistics, safety regulations, infrastructure management, and international best practices. Competency in these areas is crucial to addressing the longstanding issues faced by the rail sector.
  5. The Government’s Role: As a state-owned enterprise, Transnet’s leadership appointments ultimately fall under the purview of the government. Untu’s call is, in essence, an appeal to the government to exercise its responsibility wisely. By appointing a qualified individual, the government can not only revive Transnet’s performance but also set a precedent for merit-based appointments in other state entities.
  6. The Need for Accountability: Beyond the initial appointment, Untu also emphasizes the importance of accountability. The incoming CEO should be held accountable for their actions and decisions. Transparent and effective governance mechanisms should be put in place to ensure that the chosen leader can work without undue political influence.


The United National Transport Union’s call for competent leadership in Transnet Freight Rail and its appeal to avoid political appointments represent a crucial step toward revitalizing the rail industry in South Africa. The ongoing underperformance of state-owned enterprises demands a proactive response from the government. By heeding Untu’s advice and appointing a leader with industry-specific expertise, the government has an opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these vital entities. Ultimately, the success of Transnet and similar organizations will not only impact the transportation sector but also reflect on the overall governance and economic health of the nation.

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