Capitec is the most searched employer in South Africa, with thousands of South Africans looking for opportunities at the bank every month.

This is according to Switch on Business, which analysed Google search volume data for employment opportunities at different companies in every country using the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

The companies in each country are then ranked on the number of monthly Google searches plus the keyword “careers.”

According to the research, Capitec is the most searched employer in South Africa, with 25,000 monthly career searchers.

For context, Capitec only has 15,451 employees, meaning that more South Africans are looking for jobs at Capitec every month than actually working there.

Capitec is not the only South African-based company on the list.

Sasol (600 searches) is the most searched employer in Mozambique, whilst Standard Lesotho Bank (50 searches) – a subsidiary of Standard Bank – was the most searched in Lesotho.

Across Africa, the United Nations or one of its agencies – UNHCR, Unicef, or the World Food Programme – were named the most desirable workplace in 13 countries.

“Africa is a key point of focus for the UN, which attempts to work closely with locals in order to ‘help Africa help itself.’ In fact, of 125,436 global employees, 44,276 (35.3%) of UN’s staff work in Africa,” Switch on Business said.

Looking overseas, retail giant Walmart was the most searched company in the USA, with 590,000 Americans looking for a job every month.

Food retailers Tesco (43,000 searches) and Coles (24,000 searches) were named the most searched companies in the UK and Australia, respectively.

India’s SBI Bank had the second most monthly searches on the list, with 105,000 searches per month.

Although Switch on Business only uses the top-ranked company from each country, it is still interesting to note that Capitec is the 6th most searched company in the world as per the research:

CountryTop CompanyCompany IndustryMonthly Google Search Volume
IndiaSBI BankFinance105,000
PhilippinesCivil Service CommissionGovernment31,000
South AfricaCapitecFinance25,000
QatarQatar AirwaysTransport17,000

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