The SIU’s Dominance in Fighting Corruption Among WC Municipal Officials

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) has recently made significant progress in uncovering and addressing corruption within the public sector. In a recent development, the SIU has disclosed that three former municipal officials in the Western Cape have been ordered to reimburse the Matzikama Local Municipality with a sum of R400,000. This amount was lost due to an irregular tender for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through a thorough investigation, the SIU found evidence of collusion between the officials and a service provider named Duneco, operated by Nicolaas Jacobus Klazen, which resulted in the procurement of PPE without following proper procedures. This article will delve into the details of the case, the individuals involved, and the legal actions being taken.


The SIU’s probe into the matter shed light on the alleged collaboration between three former Matzikama municipal officials and Duneco. The officials implicated in the irregular tender are Aldrick Hendricks, the former acting municipal manager, Isak Jenner, the COVID-19 coordinator, and Jafta Booysen, the acting chief financial officer. It is worth noting that despite their involvement in the irregular tender, both Hendricks and Booysen have since found employment as municipal managers at Prince Albert and Laingsburg Local Municipalities, respectively.


According to SIU spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago, Nicolaas Jacobus Klazen and the municipal officials will face additional charges of fraud in relation to the PPE tender. The upcoming court hearing next month will shed more light on the extent of their involvement in the fraudulent activities surrounding the tender process.


Furthermore, on the 23rd of June 2023, the Special Tribunal examined the SIU’s investigation findings and deemed a decision made by Aldrick Hendricks in April 2020, while serving as the acting municipal manager, as both irregular and invalid. This ruling from the Special Tribunal adds weight to the evidence compiled by the SIU and emphasizes the seriousness of the irregularities committed in the PPE tender.


The SIU’s intervention in this case is a clear demonstration of their commitment to combating corruption and ensuring accountability within the public sector. By thoroughly investigating and exposing the irregularities surrounding the PPE tender, the SIU has taken a significant step towards upholding the principles of transparency and good governance. The recovery of the R400,000 lost by the Matzikama Local Municipality sets an important precedent, sending a strong message that malpractice and collusion will not go unpunished.


The SIU’s investigation into the irregular PPE tender conducted by the Matzikama Local Municipality has resulted in a significant breakthrough. Three former municipal officials, including the acting municipal manager, COVID-19 coordinator, and acting chief financial officer, have been held accountable for their involvement in the procurement of PPE without following proper procedures. The SIU’s findings have exposed collusion between these officials and a service provider, leading to financial losses for the municipality.


The legal actions being taken, including the order for reimbursement and the pending fraud charges against the implicated individuals, demonstrate the seriousness with which the SIU addresses corruption within the public sector. By deeming the decision made by the acting municipal manager as irregular and invalid, the Special Tribunal has further reinforced the evidence presented by the SIU. This case serves as a reminder that those who engage in fraudulent activities and undermine proper procurement processes will face the consequences.


The SIU’s efforts in exposing corruption and ensuring accountability contribute to the promotion of good governance and the protection of public funds. It is through such investigations and interventions that public trust in the integrity of government institutions can be restored. The recovery of the funds lost by the Matzikama Local Municipality sets a precedent and sends a clear message that corrupt practices will not be tolerated. The SIU’s commitment to upholding transparency and combating corruption serves as an important pillar in building a fair and just society.

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