Rand Water’s Planned Maintenance in Ekurhuleni

Rand Water has recently issued a warning to residents in and around Ekurhuleni, South Africa, regarding an upcoming maintenance operation that will affect the city’s water supply. Scheduled to begin on Friday evening and last for 59 hours, this operation is anticipated to temporarily disrupt normal water availability. In this article, we will delve into the details of the planned maintenance, its impact on the affected areas, measures advised by Rand Water, and the importance of preparedness.


The maintenance operation conducted by Rand Water will entail a temporary cessation of water supply to several areas, including the Victor Khanye local municipality, Govan Mbeki local municipality, Lesedi local municipality, and Winkelhaak Mines. Five major reservoirs supplying water to these areas will be disconnected during the maintenance work. As a result, residents are urged to prepare themselves for potential water shortages that may persist for up to five days after the completion of the maintenance operation.


To mitigate the impact of the water outage, Rand Water has taken proactive measures. Water tankers will be deployed to the affected regions, providing an alternative water source for residents. Hospitals, clinics, schools, and retirement homes have received specific recommendations to fill up their water storage tanks ahead of the planned maintenance. These precautions are necessary to ensure the continued operation of essential services and to minimize any potential disruption caused by the temporary water shutdown.


Furthermore, Rand Water has arranged two metered filling points in Springs and Brakpan, enabling industrial businesses to access water throughout the shutdown. This initiative aims to support the economic activities in the region, ensuring that the impact on businesses is mitigated to the best extent possible.

Considering the significance of water supply for daily activities and hygiene, residents are strongly advised to stock up on an adequate water supply before the maintenance operation commences. By doing so, individuals and households can safeguard themselves against potential inconveniences arising from the temporary water outage. It is recommended to store water in clean containers, ensuring that each person has access to an adequate amount for drinking, cooking, and sanitation purposes.

Community cooperation is crucial during such circumstances. Residents are encouraged to assist elderly neighbors, individuals with limited mobility, and those who may have difficulties in procuring water during the outage. By fostering a sense of solidarity, the community can effectively navigate this temporary challenge.


In anticipation of the upcoming maintenance operation by Rand Water in Ekurhuleni, it is essential for residents to be well-prepared for the temporary water outages that will follow. The proactive measures taken by Rand Water, such as deploying water tankers and establishing filling points for businesses, are commendable efforts to minimize the impact of the shutdown. However, individual preparedness is equally vital.


By heeding the advice of Rand Water and stocking up on an adequate water supply, residents can ensure their well-being and minimize any inconvenience caused by the temporary water outage. This preparedness extends to assisting vulnerable members of the community who may require additional support during this time.


While the temporary water shortages may pose certain challenges, it is crucial to remember that they are part of a necessary maintenance operation aimed at maintaining the long-term reliability and efficiency of the water supply infrastructure. By working together and staying informed, residents can navigate these temporary disruptions with resilience and patience.


Additionally, it is important for residents to practice water conservation during and after the maintenance operation. By being mindful of their water usage, individuals can help stretch the available water resources and minimize the impact of the temporary water outage. Simple actions like turning off taps when not in use, fixing any leaks promptly, and using water-efficient appliances can contribute to overall water conservation efforts in the community. This collective effort will not only alleviate the strain on water supply during the maintenance period but also foster a culture of sustainable water usage for the future.

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