President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Upcoming Parliament Appearance

President Cyril Ramaphosa is set to return to the South African Parliament this week, where he will face another round of questioning in the National Council of Provinces (NCOP). As the fourth term of the parliamentary program resumes, this event will take center stage, providing an opportunity for legislators and the public to engage with the President. The upcoming week is significant not only for Ramaphosa’s appearance but also for the resumption of various committees in the National Assembly, which will focus on the consideration of budget reports. Additionally, the NCOP sessions will include oral questions directed at social services cluster ministers, adding depth to the parliamentary activities.


  1. Ramaphosa’s Previous Parliament Appearance

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s last appearance in Parliament occurred in early September when he faced the National Assembly. During this session, he confronted a series of questions related to lifestyle audits of Cabinet ministers and cadre deployment. These inquiries touched upon critical issues of transparency, accountability, and governance in the country.

  1. Upcoming NCOP Session

In the forthcoming session of the NCOP, scheduled for Thursday, President Ramaphosa is poised to address a diverse range of topics. These include the BRICS Summit, a significant international event, as well as global climate change, a pressing global concern. Furthermore, the President will provide insights into the government’s strategies to combat the “construction mafia,” an issue affecting the construction industry. Additionally, he will be called upon to clarify whether he “deliberately misled” the nation regarding the investigation of the Russian Lady R vessel, which ultimately found no wrongdoing. These topics indicate the breadth of challenges and opportunities that South Africa faces on both domestic and international fronts.

  1. Social Cluster Ministers’ Questions

Before President Ramaphosa takes the floor, his social cluster ministers will also have their day in the NCOP. They will face questions related to their respective portfolios, which encompass a wide array of vital issues concerning social services. This comprehensive questioning process allows for a more profound understanding of the government’s approach to social development, healthcare, education, and other crucial areas.

  1. Annual Reports and Budgets

In addition to President Ramaphosa’s appearance and the questioning of social cluster ministers, the National Assembly’s activities for the week will be marked by a focus on annual reports and budgets. Over 50 committees are expected to convene, emphasizing the parliamentary commitment to financial oversight and accountability. This underscores the significance of sound financial management in the country, as well as the role of Parliament in ensuring that public resources are used efficiently and effectively.


The upcoming parliamentary sessions in South Africa, particularly President Cyril Ramaphosa’s return to the NCOP and the resumption of committee activities, present a comprehensive platform for addressing key issues. Ramaphosa’s engagement with legislators on topics ranging from international affairs to domestic challenges highlights the multifaceted nature of governance in South Africa. Additionally, the scrutiny faced by social cluster ministers and the emphasis on annual reports and budgets underscore the country’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and prudent fiscal management. As these parliamentary events unfold, they offer a glimpse into the complexities and responsibilities of governance in the nation.

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