Liberian President George Weah Faces Run-Off Election

Liberia stands at a critical juncture as its incumbent President, George Weah, faces a run-off election on November 14, 2023. Weah, the former international soccer star, narrowly edged out his main rival, Joseph Boakai, in the initial round of voting held on October 10. This announcement, made by the National Electoral Commission, has set the stage for a fiercely contested election, reminiscent of the run-off that brought Weah to power in 2017.


In the first round of the election, George Weah secured 43.83% of the votes, while Joseph Boakai garnered 43.44%, a razor-thin margin that failed to provide either candidate with an absolute majority for victory. The National Electoral Commission, led by Davidetta Browne-Lansanah, declared the need for a run-off vote to determine the next president of Liberia. The prospect of this run-off evokes memories of the 2017 election when Weah, particularly popular among the nation’s youth, ascended to the presidency.


Despite Weah’s initial popularity, his first term has not been without criticism. He has faced accusations of unfulfilled promises, economic stagnation, and rising corruption, with little improvement in the living conditions of Liberia’s poorest citizens. The United States has even imposed sanctions on five high-ranking Liberian officials for their involvement in corrupt practices over the past three years. These issues have fueled voter dissatisfaction and raised concerns about Weah’s ability to bring meaningful change to the nation.


On the other hand, Joseph Boakai, at the age of 78, brings decades of political experience to the table. He served as the vice president of Liberia from 2006 to 2018 and has been a prominent figure in national politics for nearly four decades. Boakai’s campaign has centered on restoring Liberia’s international image, developing crucial infrastructure, and enhancing the lives of the most vulnerable citizens. These promises have garnered him considerable support among those who hope for a more stable and prosperous Liberia.


As the run-off election approaches, Boakai’s camp remains resilient despite allegations of irregularities in the first round, such as invalid votes being counted and difficulties in identifying certain voters. The electoral commission reported a historic 78.86% voter turnout during the initial round, which is indicative of the nation’s engagement in the democratic process. International observers have commended the electoral commission for the smooth and peaceful conduct of the first round, with no major incidents reported.


However, the road to this crucial run-off has not been entirely free of challenges. The campaign period witnessed clashes between supporters of the ruling party and the opposition, leading to several fatalities and raising concerns about post-election violence. The 2017 elections were also marred by incidents of violence, underscoring the need for a peaceful and credible election in 2023.


It’s worth noting that this election holds great significance for Liberia as it marks the first time since the United Nations ended its peacekeeping mission in the country in 2018. This mission was established following two devastating civil wars that claimed the lives of over 250,000 people between 1989 and 2003. The election outcome will not only determine the nation’s political leadership but also its path toward stability, prosperity, and healing.


Liberia’s upcoming run-off election on November 14, 2023, is a pivotal moment in the nation’s history. Incumbent President George Weah and challenger Joseph Boakai are vying for the presidency, with the results expected to shape the nation’s trajectory. While Weah’s initial popularity and Boakai’s decades of political experience have their respective advantages, the outcome remains uncertain. The election comes at a critical time when Liberia strives to address economic challenges, corruption, and the need for meaningful change. The eyes of the nation and the international community will be on Liberia, hoping for a peaceful and credible election that sets the course for a brighter future.

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