Lesotho’s Bold Steps to Tackle Gun Violence

Lesotho, a small southern African kingdom, is implementing a night curfew in an effort to combat the prevailing issue of gun violence. This measure comes in response to a recent shocking incident involving the murder of a prominent radio journalist. The Lesotho authorities hope that by restricting movement during specific hours, they can effectively curb the violence and restore a sense of security within the nation. This article will explore the details of the curfew, the reasons behind its implementation, and the ongoing investigations surrounding the journalist’s tragic killing.


The government of Lesotho has issued a formal announcement in the form of a government gazette, declaring the initiation of a night curfew throughout the entire kingdom. Effective from Tuesday, the curfew prohibits citizens from leaving their homes between the hours of 10:00 pm (2000 GMT) and 04:00 am. Police commissioner Holomo Molibeli has emphasized that strict compliance is expected, and failure to adhere to the curfew may result in penalties including fines and potential imprisonment. The curfew will remain in effect until further notice, ensuring sustained efforts to tackle the rising gun violence crisis in the country.



Lesotho has been plagued by gang-related shootings, a recurring problem within the nation. As a landlocked country with mountainous terrain and a population of around two million people, Lesotho faces challenges in curbing the circulation of unlicensed firearms. The Lesotho police force has expressed concerns about the alarming number of these weapons in circulation, which contributes to the high levels of gun violence. Therefore, the implementation of a curfew is a strategic step taken by the authorities to address this pressing issue and create a safer environment for all residents.



The recent tragic incident that accelerated the curfew decision was the killing of Ralikonelo Joki, a prominent radio journalist. Joki was known for hosting a popular current affairs show on a local private radio station. On a fateful Sunday night, as he was leaving his workplace in Maseru, Joki was attacked by unidentified assailants who fatally shot him. This shocking incident reverberated throughout the nation, leading to widespread calls for action to ensure justice for Joki and to prevent similar acts of violence in the future.



As investigations into the journalist’s murder continue, no arrests have been made thus far. The Committee to Protect Journalists, an international media advocacy group, has called on the Lesotho authorities to conduct a thorough and credible investigation into the killing. They have highlighted Joki’s significant contribution to exposing corruption in the country and emphasized the importance of protecting press freedom. The call for justice in this case goes beyond the individual incident; it is a demand for safeguarding the rights and safety of journalists who play a crucial role in upholding transparency and accountability.


In response to the escalating gun violence crisis in Lesotho, a night curfew has been imposed to curtail movement during specific hours. This measure aims to address the pervasive issue of unlicensed firearms and gang-related shootings that have plagued the nation. The recent killing of Ralikonelo Joki, a respected radio journalist, further underscored the urgency to take action against such violence.


As investigations into Joki’s murder continue, calls for a credible investigation and justice have been made by media advocacy groups, highlighting the need to protect press freedom and combat corruption. Through the implementation of the curfew and diligent investigations, the Lesotho authorities strive to restore a sense of security and work towards a safer future for the nation and its citizens.


In conclusion, the implementation of a night curfew in Lesotho marks a proactive step by the authorities to address the pressing issue of gun violence and restore peace and security within the nation. By curbing movement during specific hours, the government aims to restrict the activities of those involved in gang-related shootings and reduce the circulation of unlicensed firearms. However, the curfew alone is not a comprehensive solution to the underlying causes of gun violence. It should be complemented by concerted efforts to address socio-economic disparities, improve law enforcement, and promote community engagement.


The tragic killing of Ralikonelo Joki, a prominent journalist known for his work on corruption, has brought attention to the need for a credible investigation to ensure justice and uphold press freedom. The Lesotho authorities must be diligent in their pursuit of the truth, apprehending the perpetrators, and holding them accountable. It is crucial to create an environment where journalists can carry out their work without fear of violence, as their role in exposing corruption and promoting transparency is vital for the nation’s progress.


Moving forward, sustained efforts are necessary to address the root causes of gun violence in Lesotho. This includes strengthening gun control measures, intensifying law enforcement operations, and implementing comprehensive social programs aimed at youth empowerment, education, and employment. Additionally, fostering a culture of peace and dialogue within communities, supported by strong community policing initiatives, can help to prevent conflicts and address grievances nonviolently.


Ultimately, the night curfew serves as a short-term measure to enhance public safety and reduce the immediate threat of gun violence. However, its effectiveness will depend on a comprehensive approach that combines law enforcement efforts, socio-economic development, and community engagement. By addressing the multifaceted nature of the issue, Lesotho can strive towards a future where all its citizens can live without fear of gun violence and enjoy the benefits of a peaceful and prosperous society.

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