Videos and images on social media show mosques and residential buildings flattened in Gaza, as the death toll in the territory rose to at least 436 people on Monday.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said Monday it attacked 500 Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets overnight.

The Palestinian interior ministry said most of the targets were “towers, residential buildings, civil and service facilities, and many mosques.”

Mosques and homes hit: The IDF claimed Monday that two Hamas operational assets were struck inside a mosque in Gaza. It claimed to have struck another seven Hamas command centers, an Islamic Jihad command center, and numerous multi-story buildings including the home of Hamas secretary Ruhi Mashtaa.

Hamas denied that the buildings targeted were used by the militant group, saying residential homes were targeted without warning. 

Thousands displaced: The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) said nearly 74,000 people in Gaza were displaced and taking shelter in their schools. Those numbers are “likely to increase as heavy shelling and airstrikes continue including on civilian areas,” it said.

The agency said one UNRWA school sheltering people was directly hit.

Several Asian airlines have joined other major carriers in suspending flights to and from Israeli hubs, as intense fighting rages between Israel and Hamas.

Korean Air, the only South Korean airline that operates direct flights between Incheon and Tel Aviv, canceled its Monday flight — but said it would operate a return flight from Tel Aviv to Incheon, to bring people home.

There are about 570 South Korean nationals residing in Israel and an additional 360 tourists in the country, according to the foreign ministry, though no Korean nationals have been reported as casualties yet.

Air India has also suspended flights to and from Tel Aviv until October 14, citing the safety of its passengers and crew.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific also canceled its Tuesday flight to and from Tel Aviv, saying it would closely monitor the situation.

Airlines around the world, including United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, have also seen flight disruptions and cancelations due to the conflict.

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