Higher Education Department Takes Action Against Corruption at University of Fort Hare

The Higher Education Department has called on law enforcement agencies to intensify their investigations into corruption at the University of Fort Hare. The call comes after the vice chancellor, Professor Sakhela Buhlungu, revealed incidents of widespread corruption at the institution, ranging from his signature being forged to attempts to stop cases from being taken to court. The situation has become more alarming with the recent deaths of two bodyguards working for Buhlungu, which have been linked to suspected assassination attempts.


The University of Fort Hare has been in the spotlight due to reports of corruption at the institution. In February, Professor Buhlungu spoke out against the corruption, highlighting several instances where his signature was forged and attempts were made to prevent cases from going to court. He called for a thorough investigation into the matter, and now, the Higher Education Department has echoed his call.


In addition to the corruption allegations, the university has been rocked by the deaths of two bodyguards working for the vice chancellor. In January, one bodyguard was shot dead in what is believed to have been an assassination attempt on Buhlungu’s life. Buhlungu survived the attack and was subsequently taken to a safe location. However, another bodyguard was killed in a car crash on the R63 near Alice in the Eastern Cape. The police are investigating the incident to determine if it was deliberate or accidental.


The deaths of the bodyguards have caused concern, and the Higher Education Department has called for a thorough investigation into the matter. While the link between the car crash and the other murders has not been established, the situation is highly concerning.


The University of Fort Hare has a rich history and is known as the alma mater of several prominent African leaders, including Nelson Mandela and Robert Mugabe. However, in recent years, the institution has been plagued by allegations of corruption and mismanagement. The situation has reached a critical point, with calls for urgent intervention to restore the university’s reputation and ensure that it continues to provide quality education to its students.


The University of Fort Hare has a vital role to play in the development of South Africa, and it is essential that the corruption and other issues at the institution are addressed. The Higher Education Department has a responsibility to ensure that universities in the country operate with transparency, accountability, and good governance. This is crucial to maintain the integrity of the higher education sector and to ensure that students receive the education they need to contribute to the country’s development.


Moreover, the incidents at the University of Fort Hare highlight the larger issue of corruption in South Africa’s higher education sector. Corruption is a serious problem that undermines the integrity of academic institutions and impedes the country’s progress. The government and other stakeholders must take decisive action to root out corruption and promote good governance in higher education.

Furthermore, the deaths of the two bodyguards at the University of Fort Hare also raise concerns about the safety and security of university staff and students. The government and law enforcement agencies must take measures to ensure the safety of everyone on university campuses and prevent any acts of violence or intimidation.

In conclusion, it is essential that the Higher Education Department and other stakeholders work together to address the corruption and safety issues at the University of Fort Hare and the wider higher education sector in South Africa. By doing so, they can restore trust and confidence in academic institutions and ensure that they serve as a catalyst for the country’s development. It is crucial to tackle corruption and security risks promptly.

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