DA and ActionSA Face Off in Centurion’s Ward 64 By-Election

In the dynamic world of South African politics, the stage is set for an intense showdown as the Democratic Alliance (DA) and ActionSA, coalition partners, engage in a fierce contest for Centurion’s Ward 64. This political drama unfolds against the backdrop of a recent labor strike dispute in Tshwane, highlighting the complex and often contentious nature of coalition politics in South Africa. As by-elections take place in various municipalities, the outcome of this battle will not only determine the representation in a local ward but also hold broader implications for the political landscape of the nation.


1. The Significance of Centurion’s Ward 64 By-Election:

Centurion’s Ward 64 has become a focal point in South African politics as the DA and ActionSA vie for dominance in this key locality. Winning this ward is seen as a crucial objective for both parties. ActionSA, in particular, views it as a welcoming opportunity to secure additional council seats, strengthening its position within the city.

2. Recent Labor Strike Dispute:

This high-stakes electoral battle follows a protracted labor strike dispute in Tshwane that pitted the DA and ActionSA against each other. The strike highlighted the challenges that can arise within coalition partnerships when political parties with differing ideologies and objectives come together to govern. In this case, the dispute underscored the tensions between the two parties, which now spill over into the by-election in Centurion’s Ward 64.

3. Broader Implications for Coalition Politics:

The tension and competition between the DA and ActionSA provide a window into the intricate world of South African coalition politics. Such partnerships are often formed to secure a governing majority but can quickly unravel when parties clash over policy decisions or power-sharing arrangements. As by-elections take place across the country, the results will have repercussions beyond Centurion, potentially affecting the stability of coalitions in other municipalities.

4. National Landscape:

Beyond the local level, this political face-off in Centurion’s Ward 64 is emblematic of the broader political landscape in South Africa. The nation has a diverse political spectrum, with numerous parties vying for influence. Coalition governments have become a common feature in the country, reflecting the need for compromise and collaboration in a multi-party system. The outcome of this by-election will serve as a barometer of the public’s sentiment and the shifting dynamics within the South African political arena.

5. ActionSA’s Aspirations:

ActionSA, led by its Gauteng chairperson Funzi Ngobeni, sees winning Ward 64 as an opportunity to secure an additional voice within the coalition partnership with the DA. They aim to deliver on their promises to residents and fulfill their role as a responsible governing party. Should they succeed, this could potentially lead to an enhanced role for ActionSA in shaping policies and decisions within the coalition.

6. The DA’s Defense:

The DA, on the other hand, is determined to retain its stronghold in Centurion’s Ward 64 and demonstrate its resilience as a political force. Losing the ward would not only weaken their position in the local government but also raise questions about the party’s ability to maintain stable and effective coalition partnerships.

7. The People’s Choice:

Ultimately, it is the residents of Centurion’s Ward 64 who will decide the direction of their local representation. By casting their votes, they will have a say in the future governance of their area and, by extension, the broader political landscape in South Africa. Their choice will impact not only the composition of the local council but also influence the ongoing dynamics of coalition politics in the nation.


As South Africa braces for the by-election in Centurion’s Ward 64, all eyes are on the political duel between the DA and ActionSA. The recent labor strike dispute and the subsequent electoral battle underscore the complexities of coalition politics and the challenges faced when parties with differing goals and ideologies come together to govern. The outcome of this by-election will not only shape the future of local governance but also carry broader implications for the national political landscape. South Africa’s diverse political spectrum and multi-party system add a layer of complexity to these contests, making them critical indicators of the country’s political climate. As the residents of Ward 64 head to the polls, their choice will reverberate far beyond their local community, offering insight into the ever-evolving dynamics of South African politics.

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