Ensuring a Secure Festive Season: SAPS Launches Comprehensive Operational Plan

As the festive season approaches in South Africa, the South African Police Service (SAPS) is taking proactive measures to ensure the safety and security of its citizens. Recognizing the seasonal spike in certain criminal activities, SAPS has launched the Safer Festive Season operational plan. The initiative, which began on October 13, is a concerted effort […]

Cape Town’s Tourism Sector at Risk

Cape Town, a city renowned for its natural beauty and diverse attractions, is facing a formidable challenge as the specter of rising crime looms over its iconic landscapes. Recent muggings, including the distressing incident during the RMB Ultra-trail Cape Town 160km race on Table Mountain, have prompted the City of Cape Town to issue a […]

Western Cape Gears Up for a Challenging Fire Season

As the Western Cape braces itself for the imminent threat of wildfires in the coming months, the Local Government MEC, Anton Bredell, has highlighted the severity of the situation. Last summer saw the province grappling with over 7,000 wildfires, a testament to the increasing challenges posed by climate change. In response to this alarming trend, […]

South African Reserve Bank Monetary Policy Review: Analyzing Repo Rate Outlook

As the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) convenes for its final meeting of the year, anticipation looms regarding the potential adjustment to the repo rate, a key instrument influencing the country’s economic dynamics. This article delves into the economic landscape, exploring the factors contributing to the expected decision and economists’ perspectives on the trajectory of […]

Shakira: Singer settles Spanish tax fraud case with €7.5m fine

Colombian pop star Shakira has reached a deal with Spanish prosecutors to settle a tax fraud case, just as her trial was about to begin. The singer has paid a €7.5m (£6.5m) fine – prosecutors had wanted to jail her for eight years and fine her €23.8m (£20.8m) if found guilty. She had faced tax […]

White House criticises Elon Musk over ‘hideous’ antisemitic lie

The White House has accused Elon Musk of repeating a “hideous lie” about Jewish people, after the X owner appeared to respond approvingly to an antisemitic post on the platform. On Wednesday, Mr Musk replied to a post sharing an antisemitic conspiracy theory, calling it “actual truth”. Mr Musk has denied that the post was […]

Unpacking Voter Apathy in Swellendam: Exploring the Nexus of Service Delivery, Indigent Relief, and Youth Engagement

In the picturesque town of Swellendam, recent voter registration drives have revealed a disconcerting trend of low turnout, particularly among the youth. Electoral Commission (IEC) officials and local leaders are grappling with the myriad factors contributing to this apathy. Among the chief concerns are service delivery issues, discontent with a council policy on indigent relief, […]

Thapelo Amad’s Political Odyssey: From Accidental Mayor to Premier Aspirant

Thapelo Amad, a figure whose political trajectory has been marked by unexpected twists and surprising alliances, has emerged as a key player in South African politics. Having served as the Mayor of Johannesburg for just over three months, Amad now sets his sights on a new goal – becoming the Premier of Gauteng. His political […]

Red flags for South Africa’s economy

The BankservAfrica Economic Transactions Index (BETI) dropped in October 2023 to its lowest level since November 2022, which is alarming news for the South African economy in Q4. “Reaching an index level of 131.0, lower than the revised 133.5 reported in September 2023, and only 0.1% higher compared to a year ago, these concerning figures […]

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