AKA’s bodyguard arrested in corruption probe at University of Fort Hare

Anwar Khan, known as AKA’s bodyguard and affiliated with Forbes, has been apprehended in connection with fraudulent activities and corruption at the University of Fort Hare. Alongside 14 others, Khan appeared in the Dimbaza Magistrate’s Court in the Eastern Cape, subsequent to their arrest during the Easter weekend.

Initially, law enforcement mentioned a range of charges against the suspects, encompassing fraud, corruption, kidnapping, murder, and attempted murder. Nevertheless, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) clarified that all 15 individuals faced accusations related to fraud, racketeering, and corruption.

The ongoing investigation has led to the arrest of a total of 25 individuals associated with criminal activities at the University of Fort Hare, with some facing severe charges like murder and attempted murder.

Tragic incidents have marked this investigation. In May 2022, Fort Hare’s fleet manager, Peet Roets, was fatally shot. Subsequently, in January 2023, bodyguard Mboneli Vesele was also gunned down, believed to be a mistaken assassination attempt on the university’s vice chancellor, Sakhela Buhlung.

Reports from IOL previously indicated alleged bounties for various individuals: R5 million for VC Buhlungu, R350,000 for Roets, and R3 million for another senior university member.

Among those arrested are taxi industry figures from KZN and a 31-year-old constable from the Eastern Cape, named Lindokuhle Manjati.

General Fannie Masemola, the national police commissioner of the SA Police Service, has assured the public of diligent efforts to uncover the perpetrators behind the fraud, corruption, and murders at the university. He emphasized ongoing investigations aimed at holding accountable all those involved in wrongdoing.

The Eastern Cape NPA spokesperson announced an adjournment of proceedings until Wednesday, facilitating a formal bail application, ensuring the accused individuals remain in custody.

The individuals facing charges include Isaac Plaatjies, Anna Smith, Paul Tladi, Lucrecia Davids, Mbulelo Gingcana, Loius Mawila, Nozuko Mabombo, Gosain van der Haar, Thamsanqa Sonjica, Terrence Joubert, Bradley Conradie, Sarah Burger, Craig Retief, and Nthabiseng Makhoba.

Anwar Khan, proprietor of The Pentagon Group, a private security agency based in KZN, has served as AKA’s bodyguard for an extended period. Khan notably attended the bail application proceedings of suspects arrested in connection with AKA’s murder on Durban Florida Road in February 2023. Expressing his belief to IOL, Khan speculated that the true orchestrator behind AKA’s demise remained at large.

The arrest of Anwar Khan and his associates in connection with fraudulent activities and corruption at the University of Fort Hare has sent shockwaves through both the academic community and broader society. The implications of such allegations extend far beyond the immediate circumstances, raising questions about the integrity of institutions, the efficacy of oversight mechanisms, and the prevalence of corruption within South African society.

Universities are meant to be bastions of knowledge, innovation, and societal progress. However, when allegations of fraud and corruption taint their reputation, the very foundation upon which they stand is compromised. Such incidents not only erode public trust but also jeopardize the future of students who rely on these institutions for their education and personal development.

Moreover, the involvement of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including taxi industry figures and law enforcement personnel, highlights the pervasive nature of corruption and the challenges faced in combating it. It underscores the need for systemic reforms, robust accountability mechanisms, and a culture of transparency to root out corruption at all levels of society.

The tragic loss of lives, including that of Fort Hare’s fleet manager, Peet Roets, and bodyguard Mboneli Vesele, serves as a stark reminder of the human toll of corruption. These individuals were not merely casualties of criminal activities but human beings with families, dreams, and aspirations. Their untimely deaths underscore the urgency of addressing corruption not only as a legal or institutional issue but as a fundamental threat to human lives and dignity.

As the investigation unfolds and the legal process takes its course, it is imperative for authorities to ensure a fair and transparent trial for all parties involved. Justice must be served, not only for the sake of accountability but also to restore faith in the rule of law and the integrity of institutions.

In conclusion, the arrest of Anwar Khan and others in connection with fraud and corruption at the University of Fort Hare marks a significant development in ongoing investigations. The intricacies of this case, coupled with tragic incidents and alleged bounties, underscore the seriousness of the charges and the commitment of law enforcement agencies to ensure justice prevails.

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