Press Freedom vs. Authoritarianism: Who Will Prevail in the Battle for Democracy?

Press freedom is a fundamental human right that is essential for maintaining democracy, promoting justice and human rights, and ensuring accountability. However, in many parts of the world, journalists and media outlets are facing increasing levels of harassment, intimidation, detention, and violence, which pose a significant threat to press freedom. This article discusses the recent […]

Petrol Prices Take Toll on Motorists’ Budgets

South African motorists will soon experience a rise in petrol prices as the government is set to increase the cost of fuel by 37 cents per litre at midnight. On the other hand, diesel prices are expected to decrease by between 48 cents and 74 cents per litre. This adjustment is due to the current […]

South Africa’s massive pension problem

South Africa has one of the worst pension systems in the world, according to the Allianz Global Pension Report 2023. The report looks at 75 pensions systems across the globe using the Allianz Pension Index (API), which consists of three pillars: Analysis of basic demographic and fiscal conditions, determination of the sustainability – funding and contribution periods –  and […]

Failure to Reach Agreement Delays Appointment of Joburg Mayor

The City of Joburg is currently in the process of appointing a new mayor, but proceedings have been postponed due to parties being unable to reach an agreement on a candidate. The DA and ActionSA are at odds over the Patriotic Alliance (PA), which has caused a rift between them. In this article, we will […]

Adidas vs. Kanye West: A Lawsuit That Could Break the Brand?

Adidas is facing a class-action lawsuit filed by its investors over the company’s cancelled partnership with rapper Kanye West. The investors argue that Adidas should have been aware of West’s controversial statements and failed to control the damage linked to the tie-up. The lawsuit represents people who bought Adidas shares between May 3, 2018, and […]

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