Think twice before hitting retweet: major clampdown on digital abuse in South Africa

Recently, South Africa has been experiencing a barrage of cyber-attacks and/or cyber-related/enabled crimes, with many individuals and organisations being caught flat-footed. In 2021, South Africa was ranked third in the world for having the highest number of cybercrime victims. Accordingly, cyber security is a growing concern, especially in the context of the increasing ubiquity (omnipresence) […]

U.S. weighs new measures for travelers from China as infections surge on mainland

The U.S. government is considering imposing new Covid rules for travelers from China, officials said, citing concerns over virus-related data released by the Chinese government. “There are mounting concerns in the international community on the ongoing COVID-19 surges in China and the lack of transparent data, including viral genomic sequence data, being reported from the […]

South Africa to get two ‘extra’ public holidays in 2023

South Africa will have 14 public holidays in 2023, including an additional two days off to celebrate public holidays which fall over a weekend. The first of these extra days off is happening next week, on 2 January 2023, to observe New Year’s day, which falls on a Sunday. The Public Holidays Act (Act No […]

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