Eskom’s Stand Against Criminality

Eskom, South Africa’s power utility company, has made it clear that their primary objective is to ensure that their power stations operate at full capacity, despite the challenges posed by widespread theft and criminal activities. In a statement released by Calib Cassim, the acting CEO of Eskom, it was emphasized that addressing these issues remains a top priority for the company. This article explores the impact of crime on Eskom’s operations, highlighting the measures being taken to mitigate the problem and emphasizing the importance of improving power generation performance.



The recent announcement by Eskom about the possibility of Stage 8 load shedding during the winter season has underscored the struggles faced by the company in maintaining a stable power supply. Calib Cassim, speaking on behalf of Eskom, acknowledged that crime continues to affect certain power stations within their network. He stated, “We acknowledge that it does exist in particular around the generation power stations – some of them more prevalent than others. We are dealing with them within the security cluster.” It is evident that Eskom recognizes the gravity of the situation and is actively working to address the security challenges at hand.



While some power stations are grappling with criminal activities, Cassim emphasized that not all facilities are equally affected. He emphasized, “However, I must acknowledge that many of the power stations demonstrate good performance.” This highlights the importance of differentiating between power stations facing criminal issues and those that are operating effectively. Eskom’s focus is to ensure that power stations are secure and function optimally, thereby maintaining a reliable power supply to the nation.



Addressing an allegation made by former Eskom CEO André de Ruyter, who claimed that approximately R1 billion is lost to criminals each month, Cassim acknowledged the need to tackle corruption and operational challenges. He stated, “The key focus is dealing with corruption – but also with the operations. We’ll address these allegations through the board. However, we must not lose sight of the most critical aspect, which is to enhance the performance of our generation plants.” Cassim’s response demonstrates Eskom’s commitment to tackling corruption while also prioritizing the improvement of power generation capabilities.



To overcome these challenges, Eskom is implementing a comprehensive strategy. This strategy involves collaborating with the security cluster to enhance security measures at power stations. By bolstering security protocols and implementing advanced surveillance systems, Eskom aims to deter criminal activities and protect its critical infrastructure. Additionally, the company is working towards strengthening internal controls and ensuring transparency in its operations. These efforts will contribute to the restoration of public trust and the safeguarding of the nation’s power supply.



Eskom’s acting CEO, Calib Cassim, has emphasized that addressing crime and corruption within the organization is of utmost importance. While certain power stations continue to face criminal challenges, Eskom remains committed to resolving these issues and improving power generation performance. By working closely with the security cluster, implementing robust security measures, and focusing on enhancing internal controls, Eskom aims to combat criminal activities and ensure a reliable power supply to the country. It is crucial for Eskom to strike a balance between addressing allegations of corruption and concentrating on operational efficiency. By doing so, Eskom will be better equipped to fulfill its role as a vital provider of electricity and contribute to the overall development of South Africa.


In conclusion, Eskom’s ongoing efforts to address crime and corruption within the organization are essential for the stability and reliability of South Africa’s power supply. By acknowledging the existence of criminal activities, particularly at certain power stations, Eskom demonstrates a commitment to transparency and proactive measures to combat these challenges. The collaboration with the security cluster, implementation of enhanced security protocols, and focus on improving internal controls all signify Eskom’s determination to protect critical infrastructure and restore public confidence.



It is crucial for Eskom to maintain a delicate balance between tackling corruption allegations and prioritizing operational efficiency. By effectively managing these issues, Eskom can optimize its power generation capabilities and reduce the financial losses caused by criminal activities. The successful execution of these strategies will not only contribute to a more secure energy sector but also foster an environment that encourages investment, economic growth, and social development.



Furthermore, Eskom’s dedication to resolving crime-related problems should be commended. By addressing corruption allegations through the board and emphasizing the significance of performance improvement in generation plants, Eskom showcases a proactive approach towards problem-solving. Through these concerted efforts, Eskom is positioning itself to overcome the challenges it faces and emerge as a more resilient and effective power utility.



As South Africa moves forward, it is crucial for Eskom to maintain its focus on eradicating crime, enhancing security measures, and ensuring the efficient operation of power stations. With a reliable and stable power supply, the country can foster economic growth, create job opportunities, and improve the quality of life for its citizens. Eskom’s commitment to these objectives serves as a foundation for a stronger, more secure energy sector and a brighter future for South Africa as a whole.

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