Zimbabwe releases inmates as part of an amnesty granted on Independence Day.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa made a notable announcement on the nation’s 44th Independence Day, extending clemency to more than 4,000 prisoners, including some formerly on death row. This move marks the second such action in under a year and coincides with Zimbabwe’s celebration of independence from white minority rule, a pivotal moment in 1980 that […]

How Eskom is managing to keep load shedding suspended in South Africa

In recent weeks, South Africa has experienced an unexpected respite from the scourge of load shedding, a phenomenon that has perplexed citizens and industry observers alike. Despite Eskom’s Energy Availability Factor (EAF) plummeting to a two-decade low, the nation has enjoyed nearly two uninterrupted weeks of stable electricity supply. However, contrary to popular belief, this […]

Limpopo Teacher Pleads Guilty to Defrauding Department of Education

In a shocking revelation of malpractice within the educational sector, Mmakolobe Mathar Ramashala, a 45-year-old teacher from Limpopo, South Africa, has pleaded guilty to charges of defrauding the provincial Department of Education of nearly a million rand. The case, which unfolded in court recently, sheds light on the complexities and challenges faced in combating corruption […]

Zimbabwe introduces new gold-backed currency to tackle inflation

In a bid to bring an end to the tumultuous journey of its local currency, Zimbabwe has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative, replacing its faltering dollar with a new unit dubbed ZiG. Backed by a diverse portfolio including foreign currencies, gold, and other precious metals, ZiG symbolizes a pivotal moment in the nation’s economic narrative. […]

Speaker of the National Assembly Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula resigns

The recent resignation of Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula as the Speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa has sent shockwaves through the country’s political landscape. Her decision to step down from her prestigious position and relinquish her parliamentary seat came amidst swirling allegations of corruption, casting a shadow over her tenure and raising questions about the […]

MK (Umkhonto Wesiswe) wins Court case angainst ANC to Stay on Ballot Paper

The Electoral Court has rejected a request from the ANC to disqualify the uMkhonto we Sizwe Party, led by former ANC president Jacob Zuma, from participating in the upcoming national and provincial elections on May 29. Although the court’s decision allows Zuma’s party to run in the elections, another legal challenge awaits in the Pietermaritzburg […]

CHINA accused by UK and US on ‘malicious’ global cyber attacks

The UK and the US have jointly accused China of engaging in a widespread and harmful cyber campaign, marking an unprecedented collaboration to expose Beijing’s espionage activities. Britain has publicly attributed cyber attacks to China, particularly targeting the Electoral Commission and conducting online reconnaissance aimed at the email accounts of lawmakers. British intelligence services believe […]

Putin Secured Overwhelming 88% Victory in Russian Election

Early results suggest that Putin, who assumed power in 1999, appears poised to secure another six-year term, potentially surpassing Josef Stalin as Russia’s longest-serving leader in over two centuries. Putin garnered an unprecedented 87.8% of the vote, the highest in Russia’s post-Soviet era, according to an exit poll by the FOM pollster. The Russian Public […]

Russia Ready for Nuclear Conflict(Vladimir Putin)

President Vladimir Putin issued a caution to Western powers on Wednesday, asserting that Russia was technically prepared for nuclear conflict. He emphasized that any deployment of US troops to Ukraine would be seen as a significant escalation of the situation. Speaking shortly before a certain re-election for another six-year term, Putin, aged 71, mentioned that […]

The Global Impact of Doctor Strikes

South Korea announced on Monday that it has initiated steps to revoke the medical licenses of 4,900 junior doctors who have resigned and ceased working in protest against government reforms in medical training, leading to disruptions in healthcare services. The protest, which commenced on February 20, revolves around the government’s proposed increase in the number […]

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