Cape Town’s Tourism Sector at Risk

Cape Town, a city renowned for its natural beauty and diverse attractions, is facing a formidable challenge as the specter of rising crime looms over its iconic landscapes. Recent muggings, including the distressing incident during the RMB Ultra-trail Cape Town 160km race on Table Mountain, have prompted the City of Cape Town to issue a […]

North Korea’s Satellite Launch Sparks Diplomatic Strife

In a rare appearance at the UN Security Council on Monday, North Korea’s ambassador, Kim Song, defended his country’s recent launch of a spy satellite, which had drawn criticism from Western powers, Japan, and South Korea. The satellite purportedly provided images of major U.S. and South Korean military sites, escalating tensions and prompting a heated […]

Western Cape Gears Up for a Challenging Fire Season

As the Western Cape braces itself for the imminent threat of wildfires in the coming months, the Local Government MEC, Anton Bredell, has highlighted the severity of the situation. Last summer saw the province grappling with over 7,000 wildfires, a testament to the increasing challenges posed by climate change. In response to this alarming trend, […]

NSFAS Sees Positive Start to 2024 Application Season

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has kicked off the 2024 application season on a positive note, having provisionally approved a substantial 76,000 applications within the first six days. As thousands of prospective beneficiaries eagerly submitted their applications, the efficiency and functionality of the online application system have come under scrutiny. In contrast to […]

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