Workplace Mental Health Issues Wreaking Havoc Costing South Africa R160 Billion Annually

The significance of mental health issues in the workplace has become a pressing concern, with experts emphasizing the need for strengthened efforts to address this matter. Surprisingly, South Africa, in the Mental State of the World report of 2022, obtained the lowest average score in terms of mental health well-being. Unaddressed mental health conditions among […]

Fewer Arrests in France as Riots Ease

In the wake of the tragic killing of a teenager by French police, urban violence erupted, triggering a wave of clashes between law enforcement and rioters. However, the situation has shown signs of de-escalation over the past few nights. This article explores the recent developments, highlighting the efforts of the government and police, as well […]

Pursuing Justice after the N1 Highway Assault

The recent assault on the N1 highway in Fourways, South Africa, where three civilians were attacked by members of a police VIP unit, has raised serious concerns. The South African National Defence Union (Sandu) has shed light on the incident, confirming that one of the victims was a member of their union. This article delves […]

Johannesburg High Court Strikes Down Zuma’s Case Against Ramaphosa

In a significant legal development, former President Jacob Zuma has faced yet another blow in court. The Johannesburg High Court has recently invalidated his private prosecution against his successor, President Cyril Ramaphosa. This decision comes after Zuma served Ramaphosa with a summons in December, accusing him of being an accessory after the fact in a […]

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