Lesotho’s Bold Steps to Tackle Gun Violence

Lesotho, a small southern African kingdom, is implementing a night curfew in an effort to combat the prevailing issue of gun violence. This measure comes in response to a recent shocking incident involving the murder of a prominent radio journalist. The Lesotho authorities hope that by restricting movement during specific hours, they can effectively curb […]

Motorists Delighted as Fuel Prices Hit Rock Bottom

In response to the recent surge in fuel prices, the Automobile Association (AA) has announced that motorists can anticipate substantial reductions in the upcoming month. Despite the weakening of the rand, the AA has obtained data from the Central Energy Fund, which suggests a positive outlook for fuel prices. The association predicts a decrease of […]

Ramaphosa’s Unyielding Fight Against Zuma’s False Allegations

The legal battle between President Cyril Ramaphosa and his predecessor Jacob Zuma has captured public attention in South Africa. Zuma has initiated a private prosecution against Ramaphosa, accusing him of being an accessory after the fact in relation to crimes attributed to State Advocate Billy Downer. Ramaphosa’s legal team argues that the charges are unfounded, […]

Tanzania’s Market Uprising Against Double Taxation

In Tanzania, the bustling market of Kariakoo has experienced an unprecedented three-day closure, with more than 1,000 shops remaining shut. Traders are protesting against a newly implemented tax, marking a rare public demonstration against the government. Situated in the financial capital of Dar es Salaam, Kariakoo is renowned for its size and popularity. The shutdown […]

Funding Fairness Fiasco: The NSFAS N-Plus Uproar

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) recently implemented a new funding rule known as N-Plus, which has sparked controversy and prompted student protests at some institutions. This policy specifically addresses students who have accumulated less than 60 credits, with a focus on living expenses and accommodation not being covered for these individuals. While the […]

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